Exclusive set of 100 WheelzUP NFTs residing on the cardano blockchain.  Digital collectibles with a mission.  Official collection of the Aspiring world record holder performing "Farthest wheelie distance on an electric dirt bike in one hour"!

(get your wheelie NFT now and support the Aspiring world record holder)

Guinness Book Of World Record: 1081902

  • TOP
  • HAIR
  • FACE

Policy ID: a22a639f7c20d7be2a0b09fe6842f5fdac43625e84585eee1cb923f3




  • NFT Collection Launch on secondary marketplace
  • Sponsorships locked down for the MAIN EVENT 
  • Charity Discussion Where 50% of NFT funds go

  • WATCH LIVE and support your RIDER  (World Record Event)
  • Interview with World Record Holder
  • Interview with Sponsors
  • Interview with Fans
  • Interview with NFT holder
To create this collection we collaborated with top artists, the Guinness Book Of World Records, and Cardano elite decentralized applications to provide the best NFT experience for holders, event sponsors and the RIDER.


Design/NFT Art

Character Advisor

The Aspiring RIDER

In this video meet the team (8 min)


Support Austin Spangler in setting a Guinness World Record for performing the worlds longest wheelie on an electric bike
"Farthest wheelie distance on an electric dirt bike in one hour"


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NFTs are used to represent ownership of a unique item. They let us tokenize things like art, pictures, in game items, domain name, ticket to an event, essay or intellectual property, collectible, original music, real estate or literally anything that is an original. No one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste the new NFT into existence. The value comes from it’s scarcity. The purpose of having them on the blockchain is to easily transfer ownership, record each transfer as a permanent record and provide a way for the original creator to benefit from the increase in price value.
Own one of the most unique Cardano NFT collections launched so far in 2021/2022 with the utility of a real world mission that inspires others.
Inspired to create a super unique collection who's purpose is to share inclusivity, being different and going for your dreams.
Purchase using "NAMI WALLET" , ccvault wallet or any Cardano Wallet that allow the viewing of NFTs
If you are new to crypto, you can create an account on Coinbase or any other central exchange, then transfer your coins to a decentralized wallet (Nami, ccvault, Yoroi, Daedalus or other) and pay from there for the purchase of the NFT on the secondary market (exchange)
WheelzUP NFTs are available on the Cardano Blockchain and you will need to purchase $ADA tokens, but be sure not to send any $ADA from a centralized exchange
The Mission is to support a World Record Holder, Austin Spangler to achieve his dream of holding more than five world records by the time he's 25 years old.  The first one being "Farthest Wheelie Distance On An electric Dirt Bike In One Hour"
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